jadegreen - the hot dare game
Jadegreen - The Hot Dare Game

Naughty & dirty challenges for couples & groups:
  • a web-based sex card game
  • a foreplay in three seductive phases, possibly with a happy ending
  • an erotic dare game with hot & naughty, dirty & kinky and very sexy challenges
  • designed for couples & groups up to 8 players

  • easy rules: draw cards & do your challenges
  • fully customizable
  • define opponents for each player
  • select your toys
  • activate cards according to your sexual preferences
  • exclude activities you don't like
  • activate Icebreaker cards for a warm-up round
  • activate intense cards for a higher level of difficulty
  • no ads, no fees, completely free
For more informations read the rules below.
Rules of the game

Put on sexy clothes! If you activate Icebreaker cards, you start fully clothed. Otherwise, only wear sexy underwear. Activate intense cards for a higher level of difficulty in every category. You should have a lot of lubricants or massage oil. For blindfold challenges you can use a scarf or a towel.

Start the game and draw your cards. The cards show the challenges and the opponents. Only opponents with matching sexual preferences for the current card are available. Do your sexy challenges for 30 or 60 seconds or as long as you want.

The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner. The current player receives points for the challenges:
  • 5 points for a standard active card
  • 3 points for a passive card
  • 1 bonus point for each additional category or multiple opponents
  • 1 penalty point for rejecting a challenge
  • 0 points for Icebreaker cards, even for rejecting